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Update 2. April  2015

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Our puppies out of Gift was born 25. April 2015.

My Trusted Friend Border Collies in Norway.

Gift gjeterhundprove.jpg

Gift did her first herding trail and got 69 (out of 100) points.

Chocco i fin stil (497x302).jpg


Gift has been mated to Chocco.


I have attended my first herding trail class 1 with Sky,
and we came through the course with 72 point out of 100.

Sky prove fin.jpg



There are many great results to mention, but I fore sure have not got them all.

Catrine Bjerk and Litchi (Astra Rikky x Shep) came second and got cert in jump 3.

Nina Andersen and Snuppa (Astra Rikky x Shep) had a very good debut in rally obedience with 200 out of 200 point.

Molly (Liz x Chocco), owner Lovisa Anderson will attend the Swedish team in freestyle.

Evelina Hillila and her dog Ina (Astra Babe x Tag) had a great debut in Jump 1 (agility) and won.

Mona Tvervåg and Fly (Teg x Sky) won obedience class 3 and are now in the Elite class.

Tom (Teg x Sky), owner Elisabeth Bredman did great in Rally obedience.

Yim (Teg x Sky), owner Emelie Magnusson are now in agility (jump?) class 2.

There are many offspring from the Rick x That's The One ... combination that do real great in all sphere.


Our puppies were born the 4th March 2014 - pictures in the blog.
There are some available puppies.

Zussi valper 5 uker.jpg
2 tricolour boys, 3 blue merle boys, 1 tricolour girl, 2 blue merle girls.


Zussi was mated to Sky the 29.12.2013 (termin 2. March 2014)
Zussi x Sky 2014 lite bilde.jpg
Zussi                                       x                            Sky


New photo babe kane 2013.jpg
Puppy from Astra Babe x Canen Kane litter 8 weeks 2013.


The puppies were born the 23. October 2013, pictures in the blog.

Babe x Kane 2013 micro picture.jpg
Astra Babe                     x                 Canen Kane


Update 24. September 2013

Astra Babe is pregnant, father to the upcoming litter is Canen Kane.
Yes, I must admit that this is not a planned litter, but still it's not a bad combination after all.
I did the mistake and let Kane go out in garden without thinking about Babe which was in season.
Her pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound.
There was only one mating, so her termin is easy to tell ... her termin is the 21. October 2013.

Astra Babe April 2012 smaller picture.jpg
Astra Babe


Update 2. August 2013

The blog get updated regularly, with puppy pictures and other news.


Dave 10 weeks 2 smaller picture.jpg
Dave  (Zac x Canen Curly)

- - - - - - - -

This is Vici, a sable girl, same breeding as Dave (above).
Vici is our new addition to the flock.

Vici 10 weeks.jpg

- - - - - - - -

Twister is hopefully our new studdog, he live in a hostfamily.
Twister is out of Tvinde (Bwlch Jan x Jake) and Arco (Astra Zena x Astra Fox).

Twister 9 weeks.jpg

- - - - - - - -

Gift is DNA tested Normal for CEA/CH, TNS, CL, hipscored B, elbows free.

Gift herding summer 2013 small picture.jpg

- - - - - - - -

Kane is now DNA tested for TNS and CL, he's Normal.

Kane herding summer 2013 small picture.jpg


Updated 16. June 2013

Today the puppies out of Liz sired by Canen Kane are 1 week.
New Pictures in the blog !

136 smaller liz ogsa kane.jpg
Liz x Canen Kane puppies born 8. June 2013


Updated 13. May 2013

My Trusted Friend Get Me (Liz x Chocco) hipscored A, and elbows A/A.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Liz is pregnant, litter sired by Canen Kane, termin 8. June 2013.

Liz April 2013 small photo.jpg


Offspring from our Liz x Chocco litter did great in freestyle:
"Molly" owned by Lovisa Anderson won
freestyle class 1, with advancement for class 2.

Odd Molly 15 maaneder.jpg

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Offspring from our Teg x Sky comination did great in obedience:
"Fly", owner Mona Tvervåg, won obedience class 1,
with advancement for class 2.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Offspring from our Sky did it great in agility:
"Fancy" owned by Yvonn Frøslev won agility class 3, with Cert.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Offspring from our Rick did great at search/rescue/tracing: 
"Agira" owned by Silje Madsgård, pased the B test,
and are now ready for highest level.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Offspring from our Rikky x Kane combination is a great agility dog.
"Roy", handler Guido Verelst, owned by Luna Tale.
Clean run, winning jumping class 1.


One mistake, but for sure the fastest in this competition.

One more from Roy, Clean Run.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Offspring from our Rick seem to be a great agility dog:
"Risk", owned by Cecilie Bårdsen, Jump class 1.



Updated 30. April 2013

New pictures are uploaded of the J-litter.


Updated 26. April 2013

Ice is NOT pregnant
(I had her to ultrasonic yesterday, and there was no puppies)

Ice 2013 bn.png


Updated 24. April 2013 - I have added the latest pictures of the Rikky puppies.

CONGRATULATIONS ! "My Trusted Friend Brona" (Astra Babe x Zac), handler
Viktoria Lumbe, from Estonia, won agility 3 yesterday, and now they got the title
Estonia Agility Champion (EST AG CH). 


CONGRATULATION ! "My Trusted Friend Dear Roy" (Astra Rikky x Canen Kane), handler
Guido Verelst (owner Luna Tale kennel), Belgium, won Jump class 1 last weekend.


CONGRATULATIONS ! "Børves Bingo I -Tex" (he's a son of our Rick), handler
Anne H. Selland, won obedience class 2 yesterday, and got advancement for
class 3. Together with his littermates, named "Team I Like", they got great results
at competitions. http://www.bergly.net/ 

Three dogs has been to audition for the musical Annie, one of them is
"Fant" (Astra Evy x Shep), owner Marianne Elise Methi. "Fant" is the last dog in this film ! 



Updated 15. April 2013

Puppy page for Astra Rikkys litter is now ready.

Day 1 Puppies together 3 small picture.jpg


Update 14. April 2013

The puppies out of Astra Rikky sired by Canen Kane was born tonight.
At the moment I have no time for updates at this homepage, but I have
uploaded some pictures in my blog (link to the blog is on the top of this page)


Update 8. April 2013

My Trusted Friend Go Odd Molly (Liz x Chocco), handler Lovisa Andersson,
had their debut in Freestyle class 1. Starting class 1 twice, they were
placed as number 2 and number 4, both results gave advancement
for class 2. Congratulations !!!

Molly freestyle 2013.jpg

Børves Bingo's I-Tex (Rick x "Lillemor"), handler Anne Selland winning obedience class 1.


OFFSPRING at training:

Scott (Teg x Zac), handler Anniken Jensen training agility.



Update 24. March 2013

Astra Rikky is pregnant, termin mid of April.

Rikky og Kane 2013.jpg

Electric Ice is mated to Keano, pups due mid/end of May.

Ice og Keano 2013.jpg


My Trusted Friend Scott (Teg x Zac),
handler Anniken Jensen got the title "Dog of the Year 2012" in freestyle class 3.
Scott og Anniken.jpg

Mira (Sky x Nickita), handler Kurt O. Steinset won agility class 2.

Børves Bingo's I-Tex (Rick x "Lillemor"), handler Anne Selland winning obedience class 1,
and his littersister Børes Bingo's I Like Chip came seccond in obedience class 3.


"mtf" Snuppa (Astra Rikky x Shep), handler Nina Andersen, at Agility competition.


Fancy (Sky x Nickita), handler Yvonn Frøslev at Jump 3 (agility) competition class 3.



Update 28. February 2013

Offspring from Teg x Astra Mick won rally-obedience class 3.

Ida Kristine Andersen and Timmy won rally-obedience 3 and
are now in elite-class (highest level), congratulations !


Update 18. February 2013

Offspring from Rick did it great in agility this weekend. 

Silje and Agira got two advancement in agility 1, now they are in class 2,
Cecilie and Risk got their first advancement in jump 1.
(agility film in my blog)


Update 10. February 2013

Keano Januar 2013.jpg
Our oldest boy Keano was eyetested clear by examination 17. January.
He was also DNA tested Normal for CEA/CH, CL and TNS.

Astra Rikky x Canen Kane 2013.jpg
Astra Rikky was mated to Canen Kane the 8. February 2013.


Pictures winter 2012 - 2013

Hazzel Januar 2013.jpg
Hazzel (Int. Supr. Ch Dewi Tweed x Astra Zena)

Rikky og Style Januar 2013.jpg
Astra Rikky (Blue B x Rex)

Sky Chi Gift og Zussi Januar 2013.jpg
Sky, Zussi, Gift, Chi


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